At Finger Financial, we recommend annuities to help provide income that will last a lifetime. We offer multiple types of annuities. including many that include living benefit riders, to match your financial needs and projected income needed in retirement. With various guarantee periods, surrender schedules, annuity types and payout options, our suite of annuity offers something for everyone. 

When you want to provide protection, guaranteed income, and financial security to last a lifetime, annuities are a good place to start. 

Types of Annuities We Offer: 

Fixed Annuities
Protect your principal with a guaranteed rate of return. Competitive rates, tax-deferred growth, optional riders and more. 

Indexed Annuities
Principal protection with a rate of return based on an index or fixed rate or a combination. Competitive rates, tax-deferred growth, optional riders and more.

Immediate Annuities
Secure a guaranteed stream of income for life. Multiple income payment and liquidity options plus a cost of living adjustment.

Don’t know where to start? Let our team of professionals walk you through the process, help uncover your needs, and pair you with the best annuity for you, your family, and your finances.