The first step is to connect with a member of the Finger Financial team. Schedule your free consultation now and someone from our team will contact you within 24-48 hours. If you need immediate assistance, you may reach any of our team members directly or may reach our main office at 561-827-4183. 

Next, we will work with you to identify what type of insurance plan is necessary. By answering a few questions on our Financial Needs Analysis (FNA), we'll be able to guide you through this process. We aim to stay within your current budget, but may also help you find additional savings that can then be used to cover your insurance and financial planning needs. Based on your facts and figures, we'll recommend the most suitable coverage. Our recommendations must make sense to you, must fit into your monthly budget, and will address short-term cash needs in the event of a significant life event. 

The final step is to fund your plan. Don't wait any longer.