I co-founded Finger Financial in 2004 with my wife, Marlette, and am the Operations and Wealth Manager for the firm. I oversee the day-to-day operations, provide training and leadership support to our team members, and serve and educate our clients out of the West Palm Beach branch. I have extensive expertise is in teaching, training, management, and sales. 

My formal training is in education and leadership development. My 22-year career in the pastoral field lead me to California, Alaska, Minnesota, Tennessee, Washington and Colorado. During my time in Colorado, I became a co-owner of an RV dealership. In 2004, after the sale of the dealership, we founded Finger Financial with the desire to educate clients and to assist them in making their money work for them. 

I have a BA in Education and an MA in Church Ministries from The Pentecostal Theological Seminary, Cleveland, TN. I am also certified as a Life Coach. I am currently licensed as a life insurance producer in Florida, as well as many other states across the country. 

I have been married to Marlette Finger for 38 years. Throughout the years, we have worked together in many areas, but our main focus has always been to help people. In addition to co-founding Finger Financial, we founded The 28/20 Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to the training and education of men and women leaders in other countries. In my free time, I love to fish, hunt, live on the beach, and spend time with my family. Have a question or want to connect? You can also reach me at:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (561) 827-4183
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